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Tokenomatic is the next generation asset management platform: a platform for creating, managing and trading portfolios of digital assets.

Tokenomatic is a platform for creating, managing, and trading portfolios of digital assets. It provides wealth and asset managers with all functionalities necessary to assemble and manage portfolios of digital assets. With an intuitive interface and self-explanatory tools-sets, Tokenomatic can immediately be used by incumbent wealth and asset managers to enter the world of digital assets, ensuring direct participation in this growing business segment. The end-client is given a solution which significantly reduces the resources spent on picking individual assets and the stress of tracking their performance. As Tokenomatic does not rely on custodians, but books assets straightaway into the clients’ wallets, it combines the best characteristics of two worlds for the end user: ETFs and managed accounts.

1. What problem(s) are you solving for your customers?

Traditional asset and wealth managers lack the skills and tools to successfully manage token-based digital securities. Tokenomatic provides them a platform to easily assemble, manage and distribute portfolios of digital assets.

2. Could you please describe your business model in five to ten sentences?

We provide the technical platform for asset and wealth managers to broaden their service scope by entering the world of digital assets. This universe of digital assets comprises both, newly created tokens and coins as we know them from the crypto world, and assets that are issued by incumbent financial players on blockchain infrastructures in the future. Using the Tokenomatic platform asset and wealth manage can assemble, manage, and issue portfolios of digital assets or shares thereof. The end-client on the other hand will be able to trade these portfolios, to redeem them with the issuer or to resolve them and have the underlyings directly booked into his or her wallet.

3. What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that differentiates you from your competitors?

Tokenomatic has created the so called “Basket Protocol” which allows to create portfolios of digital assets which here held in custody by the client. It thus reduces counterparty risk to the absolute minimum. The digital assets are self-custodied – which, by the way, also saves custody fees.

4. Who are your main competitors?

We have identified several entities that work in a similar area as Tokenomatic, most notably Betoken, DEXTF and Tokensets. Having said that, all of these competitors have different focus areas than Tokenomatic. Some focus on retail clients by applying a social trading approach, others concentrate on large institutional players. We are catering specifically to wealth managers, private banks, and small to medium sized asset managers.

5. Who are your main target customers?

As just mentioned, one group of target customers are entities that offer wealth management services. These entities could be independent, for instance independent wealth managers or external asset managers. But they can also be part of other financial institutions such as private banks. Family offices are another client target group who are interested in our solution as they often have a rather progressive attitude towards investments, and they are seeking for alpha returns which digital assets yielded heftily in the past. Clearly, climbing up the ladder then come small to mid-size asset managers who are increasingly interested in digital assets as the regulatory landscape is changing rapidly.

6. How are you going to earn money?

Tokenomatic charges a small service fee on the issuance volume of the product that the wealth or asset manager issues to its clients.

7. In what stage are you currently in your development (Ideation/Design, POC, MVP, Commercial Pilot, Live, …)?

Tokenomatic is beyond an MVP. The current build-out of our platform is a solid alpha version. We are very proud that we were accepted for the F10 accelerator program and are therefore very confident to have a commercial pilot live soon.

8. Can you tell us a bit about your team members and their respective competences?

The founding team consists of four people: Floyd D’Costa, Abhinav Ramesh, Gyanesh Meshawar and myself. Floyd has a long working history in consulting. For Capgemini he advised firms on the crossroads of business and technology. Abhi is our CTO. He has not only deep technology and blockchain expertise, but he is also an E&Y alumnus. Gyanesh is Tokenomatic’s business developer. He had been working for the investment banking division of Barclays for many years. I, myself, have gained many years of private banking experience with Credit Suisse in Zurich and gathered substantial expertise in academia conducting and teaching in the area of Fintech. Altogether we’re pretty well-rounded, on the business side as well as on the tech side.

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