Our Services

We have established a client focused approach “Enable, Advise and Implement” to
provide you rapid access to the Blockchain world, technology concepts, market
intelligence, subject matter expert capacity to start and successfully implement your
proof of concept (POC) or minimum valuable product (MVP)


Invest in the know-how of your employees

We suggest that you first develop a deeper in-house understanding about Blockchain technology
concepts and the capabilities of digital currencies. Only then you can assess potential opportunities that add value to your business.

Our modular education packages for C-Level management, decision makers and
developers are fully adaptable for individual needs. Combined with our Blockchain specific
sourcing services for business analysts, architects and developers you can now implement
Blockchain solutions better than ever.

Treasury Services Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockstars education & sourcing


Take educated strategic decisions to stay competitive

Take advantage of our business, technology and regulatory experience and latest
market intelligence insights to assist you in identifying new business opportunities
and in making educated business strategy decisions.

Our Opportunity Assessment & Product Design process gives you the power to
identify new clever in-house or industry services as well as products for your clients
making use of the latest technologies.

Our Market Intelligence & Opportunity Assessment offering:

Financial Industry adoption status

NEO Banking service providers

Blockchain/DLT Regulatory Status Switzerland


Implement & benefit from new powerful service capabilities

Our goal is to facilitate a rapid service implementation by providing the required
subject matter expertise, independent Blockchain platform services and management
capacity to validate/implement your service capabilities.

Whether it’s about designing new services/operating model, evaluate, integrate the
best suited blockchain platform or service provider’s we’ll support your initiative from
inception to go-live implementation.

Our design & implementation services:

Project & Governance management

Business process engineering

Functional architecture & operating model


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