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Gouverment Funding

The detailed analysis of public funding calls and the in-depth
understanding of evaluation criteria can overwhelm companies busy
with their daily business.

BIG can support the application process with customised services from selecting suitable calls, analysing the critical elements of the call, the establishment of complementary and highly effective consortia, to writing convincing, compelling and competitive proposals.

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What is our offering?

Do you have a high-risk, high-potential and innovative idea that has something nobody else has? A game-changing idea that comes with a high chance of success or failure? Because of these reasons, are you unable to leverage sufficient investments from the market? In this case, you are the perfect candidate for government funding and we can help you find out how.

Proposal Advice

Not every applicant needs to hire a proposal writer. Sometimes, targeted advice and specific research is the only thing that is needed. We fill specific information gaps that applicants encounter when forming project teams, when drafting proposals or when preparing the budget.

Proposal Writing Services

For inexperienced applicants and busy professionals, writing full proposals is simply not an option. We do provide the full proposal service but unlike other proposal writing consultants, we share our proposal writing skills, our know-how and empower applicants to raise the quality of their proposals, the impact of their projects and the value of their results.

Proposal Review and Evaluation Services

Sometimes it is difficult to understand why proposals have failed and what is needed to improve them for resubmission. We carry out thorough and detailed proposal reviews, organize evaluations with experienced evaluators to identity, fix shortcomings and weak points.

For whom is this for

  • SMEs applying for European funding opportunities and in particular for the EIC Accelerator programme.

  • Companies intending to participate in publicly funded collaborative projects.

  • Companies with a scale-up and growth strategy.

  • Company with innovation ambitions and innovation projects

How does it work

There are many funding opportunities for SMEs available who look to combine capital investment with next generation technologies.  Funding helps to boost fast company growth and market-creating innovation. Some opportunities even look to invest more in the project at a later stage.

Identifying the most suitable funding instrument can be daunting. There are many national and European funding opportunities targeting research, innovation and commercialisation projects.

The EIC Accelerator Pilot has a total budget of more than €1.3 billion for 2019-2020.

The EIC Accelerator Pilot under the Horizon 2020 program provides funding and supports high risk SMEs  breakthrough innovation projects with a market-creating potential as a part of the Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot.

Link to EU Commission funding portal :

Innosuisse has an annual funding budget of around CHF 200 million:

Innosuisse is an accelerator program for SMEs incorporated in Switzerland, enabling them access to financial support and global networks for scalability.

Am I eligible for funding?

The next step would be to ask yourself if you can answer all the points in the following checklist:

  • Have you identified the best European or national funding programme for your idea?
  • Does your innovation match the scope of the grant?
  • Have you fulfilled all the required eligibility criteria?
  • Do you have the contacts and the network to build a complementary and multi-disciplinary consortium (for those programmes which require a consortium)?
  • Do you have all the elements to write a compelling and convincing proposal?
  • Can you address all evaluation criteria comprehensively, concisely and convincingly?
  • Do you know what activities and what type of equipment is actually funded?
  • Do you know how proposals for the specific Grant are evaluated?
  • Can you write a competitive proposal?

We will work together with you in establishing the scope of the innovation, the business opportunities and the scale up potential.

For those programmes that require a consortium we help you form a team.

From there, we will develop a convincing storyline covering all the evaluation criteria. Along the way, we will help you develop a compelling and effective commercialisation plan and convincing

About Blockchain invvoation group

Blockchain Innovation Group AG helps companies to leverage the full potential of Blockchain and other (Distributed Ledger) Technologies. No matter if you are looking for an education partner, someone to brainstorm and develop business models or to implement specific projects – We are your Partner!

We do that by bringing together thought leaders and international experts in all industries. This way, our clients can benefit from our united know-how and skyrocket their business into the future. We want to be your “Go-to” partner for any Blockchain, Digital Assets economy related business, commercial, legal, technology questions and support you implement and benefit from this significant window of opportunity.