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Are you in the process of raising funds from potential investors and need help? If so, then we are your perfect partner to guide you through. 

With our combined experience of over 20 years in corporate finance we can help you with unique industry know-how with strong focus on technology, media, software-as-a-service, FinTech, RegTech and Blockchain.

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Our Offering

What is our offering?

1. Preparation & Investor Readiness

You need help to prepare a convincing equity & investor story? We provide the full preparation service to secure your investor readiness and ensure a professional appearance.

Service modules of preparation & investor readiness:

A)  Strategic positioning

We help you to clearly position yourself in order to give your investors an understandable, clear guideline of your future vision.

          i.    Outside view with market trends & competitor review

          ii.    Developing equity & investor story


B)  Teaser and pitch deck

The full preparation of the investor documentation can be handled by highly experienced professionals and increases your efficiency and effectiveness approaching investors.


C)  Business and financial plan

Your business and financial plan needs to reflect your strategy, equity and investor story. We are able to prepare your financial plan defining your financing needs.


D)  Data room and due diligence readiness

Each investor will analyze your company e.g. in respect of a proper incorporation, existing company documents such as shareholder agreements, employment matters, contracts with financial impact, IP rights and technology documentation. All documents will be stored in a virtual data room which can be accessed and analyzed by all interested investors. We guide you to prepare a complete and satisfying data room and execute a review before you provide access to investors.

2. Execution and project management

Do you have sufficient resources to orchestrate the due diligence with multiple interested investors, Q&A’s and document requests? Do you have convincing arguments for your company valuation and the deal structure? We are able to secure a professional due diligence process, prepare the arguments for a favorable deal structure and command higher valuations.

Service modules of execution and project management:

 A)  Process management and due diligence

The preparation is a key element in order to keep the momentum of a funding round. In addition, a will designed, communicated and executed process management is key as well. At the moment the data room is opened, answers to raised questions and additional document requests need to be timely provided. With our experiences and additional resources a professional appearance is secured and you increase your chance for a successful funding round.

B)  Deal structure and company value

Your funding round will be most likely a capital increase. Therefore, you need to be clear about the dilution of the existing shareholders. You need to have a clear view and arguments of your company valuation and the percentage stake you are offering for the funding round including the pre and post money valuation. We support you defining the key terms, provide you the underlying argumentation and are always available as negotiation sparring partners.

C)  Term sheet and shareholder agreement

For the legal terms we advise you to engage an experienced corporate finance and startup lawyer. Recommendations can be provided from our network. Term sheet, share purchase agreement, capital increase and shareholder agreement are key legal agreements. We orchestrate the alignment and correct reflection of the commercial aspects into the legal terms.

3. Investor universe and negotiation sparring partner

We know the investor scene over years and can provide you an analysis which investor seems most suitable to join you as a shareholder and can provide added value beside plain cash.

For whom is this for

For whom have we developed the service?

  • Companies and startups preparing a financing round
  • Board of directors and founders searching for strategic investors
  • Investors and shareholders with the intention to exit
  • VC’s and Corporate VC’s as professional service for their portfolio companies
  • Family Offices and HNWI with interest in private equity and enhancing value creation
  • Business Angels preferring to outsource workload and securing professionalism

Example when you may need to an investor readiness:

  • Funding round
  • Capital increase with new shareholders
  • Buy-in of strategic investor
  • Exit

The offerings can be customized based to our customer needs:

  • Strategic workshop
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Outside view and market trends
  • Financial planning
  • Investor documentation
    • Teaser
    • Pitch deck
    • Business plan
  • Preparation and review of data room
  • Deal structure and valuation
  • Investor Long list
  • Network and investor introductions
  • Negotiation support

How does it work

In order to be successful in securing the funding of your business you need to convince investors. In order to increase your chances this requires convincing arguments supported by a professional appearance. In all steps we can take over the full execution or the plain review depending on your need and resources.

When approaching an investor you need to be ready to provide extended documentations and the option to review all documents systematically during a due diligence in a virtual data room. It seems unprofessional towards investors if standard requests cannot be provided in a short period of time. You will lose the “momentum” with limited chances to approach the investor again.

Plan two to three months to be investor ready. This means developing an equity and investor story requires research, discussions and fine tuning. That means you need certainty of your argumentation by targeting investors.

Are you ready? Then, let’s start this journey together.

  1. Call us and fix an appointment. We offer 2 hours free advisory to understand your needs and define how we can support you.
  2. We prepare a written proposal for you within 3 days.
  3. You provide feedback to the proposal and amendments to your specific requirements.
  4. After the signed agreement and payment we start accordingly to the agreed timeline.



Investor Readiness



Capital increase


Strategic investor

Equity story / Investor story

Pitch deck

Business case

Financial plan / Financial planning

Use of funds

Valuation / Pre-money / Post-money


Due Diligence

Data Room

Term sheet


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