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Mar 26, 2021
Issue: No 72

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This week read about how Greenidge Generation is set to become the first publicly traded bitcoin miner with its own power plant, why South Korean crypto rules will create a monopolized market and how Malaysia, Singapore use blockchain technology for vaccination certificates.

Each week we focus on Blockchain Education Basics, so you can improve your understanding this week the topic is Parachains.

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Parachains - are individual blockchains running in parallel within the Polkadot ecosystem. They take their name from the concept of parallelized chains that run parallel to the Relay Chain. Due to their parallel nature, they are able to parallelize transaction processing and achieve scalability of the Polkadot system.


Greenidge to merge
Greenidge to merge, becoming first publicly traded bitcoin miner with a power plant
Greenidge Generation is set to become the first publicly traded bitcoin miner with its own power plant. Greenidge's natural gas plant currently powers 19 megawatts of mining capacity, which it expects to reach 41 MW by the middle of 2021.


        South Korean crypto
        Experts say new South Korean crypto rules will create a monopolized market
        South Korea is heading into a new period for its crypto industry, with stringent new rules coming into effect that will require all cryptocurrency businesses to comply with new crypto reporting regulations and registration rules.


        Malaysia, Singapore use blockchain technology for vaccination certificates
        Both Malaysia and Singapore's digital vaccination certificates are secured by blockchain technology and come with a traceability feature that tells the exact batch of the vaccine vial used for inoculation.



              Circular "Register value rights”
              The Security Token Offerings working group has dealt intensively with the new securities law provisions of the DLT Act. The working group has drawn up a guide in the form of a circular to introduce register value rights into Swiss law.


                  Swiss law on cryptoassets will democratize access to capital
                  Switzerland has been one of the first countries to have a law on digital assets, known as the “DLT law”. It is in this booming environment that the Capital Markets and Technology Association is developing standards allowing the use of new technologies on capital markets, and in particular the DLT.


                      Hester Peirce hopes regulators will change attitude towards digital currencies
                      The lack of regulatory clarity by the regulators is one of the reasons many legacy companies have refrained from dealing with the industry. The SEC is currently in a legal battle with Ripple over its XRP token.



                        Central Bank
                        Central Banks ramp up digital currency plans
                        In Switzerland, the Swiss National Bank has been working with financial infrastructure operator SIX on Project Helvetia, the landmark study on the feasibility of CBDC in Switzerland.


                        Wall street
                        Wall Street banks diverge on bitcoin boom
                        Bitcoin is dividing opinion on Wall Street, with a rush of investment banks expressing divergent views on the cryptocurrency boom. It soared 300 per cent last year, and has roughly doubled in the opening weeks of 2021, taking its value to about $60,000.


                        Norway is the world’s most cashless country – but its central bank isn’t keen on bitcoin: ‘It doesn’t preserve stability’
                        A CBDC would differ from a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin but importantly because a CBDC would be issued and backed by a country’s central bank to compliment physical cash, rather than replace it entirely, and offer a more stable alternative.



                          Funding bitcoin
                          Bitcoin miners worth more than $150M have just been bought up by two firms
                          Bitcoin mining machines continue to be in demand by institutions. Two more firms — The9 Limited and Blockcap — have now purchased a total of 36,000 bitcoin miners worth more than $150M from Bitmain.


                          Raze network
                          Raze Network launches protocol to enable confidential payments for DeFi users
                          The platform users will be able to make use of private transactions for on-chain transfers of tokens between different blockchains.


                          Cryptocurrency Theta beats Chainlink, enters Top 10
                          Theta, the cryptocurrency of blockchain project Theta Network is now the 10th largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of more than $11 billion.


                          HUMANITARIAN & NOT FOR PROFIT

                          Volcano Catastrophe Bond
                          Danish Red Cross backs $3M blockchain volcano catastrophe bond
                          The Danish Red Cross has partnered with a number of firms to launch the first $3 million blockchain-backed catastrophe bond for volcano-related disasters. The charity worked with blockchain technology from Replexus, insurance firm Howden Group and risk management platform Mitiga Solutions to launch the bond.


                              RECOMMENDED INDUSTRY REPORTS AND BOOKS

                              The Block Research - 2021
                              The Block research - 2021 digital asset outlook Report
                              2021 is poised for an acceleration in banking crypto, as the world’s largest financial companies accelerate the strategic desire to expand crypto capabilities or publicly market the intention to explore new digital asset offerings.


                              European Banking Authority publishes document addressing crowdfunding and money laundering, terrorist financing risk
                              The guidelines for crowdfunding platforms are incorporated into the Final Report “on customer due diligence and the factors credit and financial institutions should consider when assessing the money laundering and terrorist financing risk associated with individual business relationships and occasional transactions.”


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                              THE SWISS ROAD TO CRYPTO PODCAST

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                              UNCHAINED PODCAST

                              Laura Shin is a crypto/blockchain journalist and host of the Unchained and Unconfirmed podcasts. As a former senior editor of Forbes, she was the first mainstream reporter to cover crypto assets full-time. She gives an overview to all experts and novices alike on the use cases making a real impact, and their vision for the future of this innovative technology!
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