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September 16, 2021
Issue: No 97

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Welcome to the BIG weekly Newsletter.

This week read about how Swiss DLT stock exchange wins long-awaited license to operate, why Blockchain-based invoice factoring firm Hiveterminal expands to DACH region and how SWIFT to trial trade finance anti-fraud blockchain MonetaGo.

Each week we focus on Blockchain Education Basics, so you can improve your understanding this week the topic is Airdrop.

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Airdrop - in the cryptocurrency business, involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency. Small amounts of the new virtual currency are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency.


Swiss DLT stock exchange wins long-awaited license to operate
The licensing milestone means that SIX Digital Exchange can now trade securities, such as company shares and bonds, on a digital platform that is similar to blockchain.


        Blockchain-based invoice factoring firm Hiveterminal expands to DACH region
        Blockchain-based Hiveterminal aims to start relationships with Swiss-based SMEs who need fast and continuous access to liquidity without applying for bank financing.


        SWIFT to trial trade finance anti-fraud blockchain MonetaGo
        MonetaGo announced an international PoC with SWIFT for its blockchain fraud mitigation solution for trade finance. The solution uses APIs and aims to prevent fraudulent trade finance.



        DBS Digital Exchange to grow Security Token Offerings
        The platform plans to tap on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets among corporate investors, accredited individuals and family offices.


            Binance faces regulatory issues in Lithuania for offering derivatives services
            The Bank of Lithuania had issued a warning to Binance UAB regarding its investment services. The issue arose due to the company providing unlicensed services that did not meet the regulations of the country.


                Bitfinex to roll out Security Token Offerings platform in Kazakhstan
                The new Bitfinex STO trading platform is now ready to operate in Kazakhstan. It will allow investors access the tokenized securities and blockchain-based equities. Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange plans to launch a trading platform that focuses on STOs.



                    CLS, JP Morgan, Bank America to explore blockchain for FX PvP settlement
                    CLS will pilot its blockchain foreign exchange solution, CLSNet, with 12 global banks for PvP. Banks participating in the CLSNet PvP trial include Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Natwest, and UBS.


                    Nigeria's CBDC 'a Safer Option' than privately issued cryptocurrencies: Central Bank official
                    As part of the Central Bank of Nigeria's digital currency charm offensive, the institution’s deputy governor, has claimed that the country’s upcoming CBDC will be a “safer option from privately issued cryptocurrency.”


                    Bundesbank on CBDC: banks should not be protected like endangered species
                    One of the biggest risks is the impact on commercial banks if consumers switch bank deposits to a CBDC. That’s particularly a concern in times of crisis. Hence there’s a good chance that there will be digital euro balance limits.


                    CRYPTOCURRENCIES, DeFi and NFT

                    Bitwise joins hunt for Bitcoin ETF approval with futures product filing
                    The asset manager is teaming up with ETF Series Solutions in its bid to get a U.S. bitcoin ETF over the finish line. ETF Series Solutions has filed to launch a bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) in partnership with Bitwise, a provider of crypto-based funds.


                    Stablecoins, DeFi “Will Challenge” traditional banks: BIS
                    The head of the innovation hub at the BIS has warned central banks that they must act quickly in response to the rise of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.


                    Google partners with NFT leader Dapper Labs to support Flow blockchain
                    Search engine giant Google is joining forces with Canadian blockchain studio Dapper Labs to help support the development of new Web 3 products and services, including the wildly popular NFT marketplace.


                    HUMANITARIAN & NOT FOR PROFIT

                    Blockchain: A driver for social impact in Africa
                    United Nations was recognized for its use of blockchain technology in the disbursement of funds to refugees that have no access to a bank account or in the identity storage of same refugees.



                        Digital Assets: Finstar Space magazine
                        Innovative ecosystems are emerging around digital assets. The Finstar and Hypothekarbank Lenzburg teams want to be at the forefront so that they get to know the possibilities of the technology and the customers of the new opportunities that can benefit.


                        International Securities Services Association
                        The DLT Voice of the Customer Working Group recently conducted a survey of Asset Owners and Investment Managers to highlight where they are on their journey towards DLT based investments (tokenised assets, Crypto currencies).


                        PODCAST SERIES

                        THE SWISS ROAD TO CRYPTO PODCAST

                        In this podcast Didier Borel discovers people in Switzerland playing an active role in crypto and tech. He talks to entrepreneurs, tech innovators and disruptors shaping the future in this country. Switzerland has always played a key role in banking and has recognized the need to foster innovation.

                        UNCHAINED PODCAST

                        Laura Shin is a crypto/blockchain journalist and host of the Unchained and Unconfirmed podcasts. As a former senior editor of Forbes, she was the first mainstream reporter to cover crypto assets full-time. She gives an overview to all experts and novices alike on the use cases making a real impact, and their vision for the future of this innovative technology!
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